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Akinmusire Included Amongst Inaugural Recipients of Doris Duke Impact Awards

The Doris Duke Charitable Foundation has named Ambrose Akinmusire as one of 20 recipients of their inaugural Doris Duke Impact Award. The Impact Award is part of the foundation's Arts Program, designed to empower and support artists with the creation and public performance of their work. Awardees are nominated by previous Doris Duke Artist Award recipients based on their influence and work to progress the fields of jazz, dance, and theatre.

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Ambrose Akinmusire Receives Paul Acket 'Artist Deserving Wider Recognition' Award

Each year, the North Sea Jazz organization presents their Paul Acket Award to an artist established within the jazz community, but deserving of wider recognition outside of jazz due to their extraordinary musicianship. Ambrose Akinmusire is this year's recipient, making this the third important award of his career, after the Thelonious Monk and Carmine Caruso competitions. Akinmusire will receive his award and prize when he performs at the North Sea Jazz Festival on Friday, July 11.

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'the imagined savior is far easier to paint' is available now!

Ambrose Akinmusire has released his third studio effort, the imagined savior is far easier to paint, today as a CD and digital download that is now available through various music retailers and streaming services including iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

Akinmusire augmented his quartet — tenor saxophonist Walter Smith III, pianist Sam Harris, bassist Harish Raghavan, and drummer Justin Brown — adding guitarist Charles Altura and featuring the OSSO String Quartet along with vocalists Becca Stevens, Theo Bleckmann, and Cold Specks.

The track listing for the imagined savior is far easier to paint is as follows:

1. Marie Christie
2. As We Fight (willie penrose)
3. Our Basement (ed) words & music by Becca Stevens
4. Vartha
5. Memo (g. learson)
6. The Beauty of Dissolving Portraits
7. Asiam (joan) words by Theo Bleckmann
8. Bubbles (john william sublett)
9. Ceaseless Inexhaustible Child (cyntoia brown) words by Cold Specks
10. Rollcall for Those Absent
11. J.E. Nilmah (Ecclesiastes 6:10)
12. inflatedbyspinning
13. Richard (conduit)


New record coming soon

Ambrose Akinmusire's upcoming Blue Note release -- the imagined savior is far easier to paint -- will be out on March 11, 2014!


Finished tracking

Had a wonderful time rehearsing/performing/recording new music last week with Becca Stevens, Osso String Quartet, Justin Brown, Sam Harris, Wlater Smith III, Harish Raghavan, Charles Altura and Andy Taub. Excited to share this part of myself with everyone.